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Emmanuel Foundation is a charity that exists to serve the poor in tangible ways. We desire to demonstrate compassion and love by sharing our resources to create hope for a better tomorrow for individuals, families, and communities of developing countries in the areas of their physical, social, and spiritual wellbeing.


We do this by getting involved in 4 different areas.

Shipping Projects

What is an Emmanuel Foundation Shipping Project?

Emmanuel Foundation collects goods that aid in the sustainable transformation of a community, and ships this inventory anywhere in the world where people would not otherwise have access to these goods and items. This includes resources such as medical equipment for hospitals, dental, and health clinics, educational supplies to strengthen schools, as well as clothing for the poor, orphanages, and relief areas. Over 20 projects for international development are completed each year.

These projects can be done through 40ft shipping containers or Micro-Projects.

40 Feet Shipping Containers

A container project provides an amazing amount of value for the receiving organization. This is the best option for you if you are interested in having the Emmanuel Foundation help with shipping logistics, securing, storing, and transporting goods and items, and general shipping expertise to send a 40ft container of inventory. 


In 2020, the Emmanuel Foundation realized that the cost of 40ft shipping containers wasn't feasible for everyone who had a dream of sending supplies to help those in need. Micro-projects are a way for smaller, lower-cost, shipments to come to fruition. The Emmanuel Foundation strives to provide high-quality inventory for even the smallest of projects.


Through micro-projects we have seen our inventory:

  • Used in private containers as an added value

  • Squeezed inside vehicles and other bulky shipping items often traveling over seas

  • Taken as an extra carry-on

  • Shipped by mail

Who is Involved in the Process?

There are 3 parties that are involved in all shipping projects.


The first is Emmanuel Foundations itself. Emmanuel Foundation helps with various aspects of a project including shipping logistics, securing, storing, and transporting goods and items, and general shipping expertise.


The second is a sponsor group. These groups can be volunteer groups, professional groups, corporate teams, faith-based groups, school groups, youth groups, and even groups of friends.


The last group is the host/recipeint. The host is the individual or organization receiving the shipped container and goods. When these 3 groups come together in harmony to work for a common purpose of sending items to help people in need, great things can happen!

Playground Projects

What is "Play It Forward?"

Play It Forward’. There are countless children that have no access to developmental play and you could make a world of difference in their lives by recycling that playground!

Who completes the build?

The builds are completed by groups of people who are motivated to make a difference for the children living in the build location. These groups can be volunteer groups, professional groups, corporate teams, faith-based groups, school groups, youth groups and even groups of friends.


Often these groups have already planned a trip to serve these communities in other ways and add a playground build as a component of their trip. However, there have also been trips where the playground build was planned first and the organizers found other ways of helping the people they were serving.


All builds are pre-planned and completed with the consultation and supervision of a CPSI certified playground installed.

Help us find playgrounds to be recommissioned

The success of this project is our ability to secure playgrounds that are to be decommissioned. If your community has been thinking of upgrading their playground, rather than sending the decommissioned equipment to the landfill, please contact us so it can be Played Forward instead!

OneMeal Projects


Emmanuel Foundation takes a stand against local and international hunger with OneMeal ready-to-cook meal kits.


The first Emmanuel Foundation meal packaging event of the year commenced on February 22, 2020 with over 230 volunteers coming together from the community of Sherwood Park. This was a truly community-wide event with many partners; put on by Emmanuel Foundation and sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sherwood Park (with Support from the Rotary Club of Fort Saskatchewan), The Knights of Columbus, St. Vincent de Paul. Furthermore, Our Lady of Perpetual Help hosted the event in their Fellowship Hall; a name that accurately describes the hard work and excitement that surrounds the meal packaging event.


60,000 meals were packaged, with volunteers from all across the city helping, from children to the elderly to local hockey teams. Partnered with the Emmanuel Foundation to put on the meal packaging event is Kids Around the World and their amazing OneMeal product.


The meals will be distributed in our inner-city missions, remote communities in Northern Alberta, B.C., and Saskatchewan, as well as our Northern Territories all the way over to Nunavik. Furthermore, the Emmanuel Foundation will be able to ship many of the meals overseas in their various Containers of Hope projects! Overall the Emmanuel Foundation and all the recipients of these meals would like to thank Sherwood Park for taking a stand against local and international hunger with their amazing efforts.

Sponsor a OneMeal Project

Second Chance Thrift Shop

Emmanuel Foundation runs the Second Chance Thrift Store to help redistribute usable items within our community, and earn funds to support future local and international projects. The store does not have regular open hours. It will be open for a few days whenever we have inventory. Follow our Facebook and check the home page of our website to know when it will be open next.

Selling Hours 

Temporarily Closed

Donation Hours 

Temporarily Closed


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