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Donating Funds

Donate Via Credit or Debit 


E-transfer is our preferred donation method. If you wish to contribute to a specific project please provide the details in message section of the e-transfer.

A charitable donation receipt will be forwarded to you at the contact information that you provide.


If you prefer to make a donation by credit this is an option via the link above, but is limited to donations under $1000. If you would like to donate through another method, please contact Emmanuel Foundation at (780) 919-5524, for more information or instructions.

Charity Number: #87290 4800 RR0001


Donate Bottles with SKIPTHEDEPOT

Another awesome way to donate is through SKIPTHEDEPOT. They will come pick up bottles to be recycled for FREE, with the proceeds going towards the Emmanuel Foundation. Saves a trip to the bottle depot, and supports a local charity! Click on our link to register for bottle pickup.

Donating Goods

Medical Supplies


A funded healthcare system is one of the integral parts of helping develop an economy long-term. If you know any hospitals or clinics that are throwing away even small amounts of supplies, please let us know!


We accept: bandages, hospital beds and mattresses, gurneys, birthing beds, crutches, walkers, wheelchairs, medical equipment, stretchers, anything medical except for chemical pharmaceuticals.

Household Goods

Flea Market Pottery

Having household necessities can make a house into a home, and allow for valuable dollars to be spent elsewhere. Something you see as insignificant could make the world of difference to a family in poverty.


We accept: clothes, kitchenware, appliances, furniture, decorations, games, electronics, and more

Tools, Storage and Machinery 

Electrican's Tools

The list of mechanical tasks at the Emmanuel Foundation is extensive: disassembling and fixing playgrounds, repairing hospital beds, and doing maintenance on our forklifts and trucks just scratch the surface.


In the past we have had vehicles, forklifts, pallet jacks, carts, trolleys, dollys, shelves, hand tools, larger machinery, and hardware for repairs all donated to support the foundation. Please contact us for more information on donating these items. 

Educational Supplies and More

School Supply

The Emmanuel Foundation accepts educational supplies, imperative for schools to develop young minds and give children a better future. Something as simple as a chair can make the world of difference for a young student.


We accept: chairs, desks, art supplies, classroom equipment, computers (very much in need), and electronics.

Open Tuesday and Wednesday, 9:30 am to 3:30 pm


Emmanuel Foundation receives many different types of donations. You may have something you are no longer using, but it actually could be imperative to the Emmanuel Foundation!

We take everything from clothing, to medical supplies, to vehicles, to household items. If you are wondering, "Would Emmanuel Foundation accept this donation?” the answer is probably yes. If you would like to donate high-value item, please contact us about getting a tax exemption from the donation.

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