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Donation Details

We are open for drop offs 9:30-3:30 Tuesday and Wednesday or by appointment. To learn more check out our donation page.


Questions and Project Interest

We do a lot of different things at the Emmanuel Foundation! You can browse through our website, or contact us directly for details.


Shipping Containers

Emmanuel Foundation collects and distributes goods that aid in the sustainable transformation of a community. 

playground 2.jpg

Playground Projects

Emmanuel Foundation collects decommissioned playgrounds that are destined for landfills and gives them a second chance.

one meal.jpg

Meal Packaging Events

Emmanuel Foundation takes a stand against local and international hunger with OneMeal ready-to-cook meal kits.


Second Chance Thrift Shop

A great way to support Emmanuel Foundation so we may continue supporting those in need both locally and around the world.

Our Arms of Service

Serving Community

Emmanuel Foundation serves both locally at home and around the world. 

Want to get involved? 

Looking for forms?

Our Impact

Stories of sustainable development, community initiatives, value of a child, green stewardship from around the world. 

playground project in india.jpg

Playground Project, India

one meal in AB.jpg

OneMeal Project, AB


Community Development,

Playground Project, Haiti


OneMeal Project, Africa

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