White Cross- Cameroon, West Africa

2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016

Meet White Cross

White Cross is a Christian humanitarian organization supported primarily by the women of North American Baptist (NAB). It is a ministry that tirelessly provides medical supplies and relief goods to hospitals, health centres and rest houses in West Africa; primarily in Cameroon and Nigeria. White Cross began as a product of World War I when the need for medical supplies was prominent. After the war, White Cross shifted its focus from helping and treating allied soldiers to assisting the front-line medical workers that serve in developing nations.

They have since expanded their mission to include support for children and young women, sending supplies to missionaries working to provide education, evangelism, and medical supplies to hospitals in Cameroon.  Their successful partnership with Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC) has resulted in the construction of 7 hospitals, 32 integrated health centres, and 54 primary health centres- serving almost a million patients annually. White Cross Canada is currently based at Taylor College and Seminary in Edmonton as part of the ministry of the E P Wahl Centre.

Cameroon Baptist Convention: One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism

In 1914, just as WWI was starting, German missionaries working in Cameroon were driven out of the country leaving many Baptist ministries without leadership. Carl Bender, one of the first North American Baptist (NAB) missionaries in 1899, chose to stay in Cameroon to train church leaders. NAB soon decided to send more missionaries to help with training. The NAB in Cameroon was then organized as the Cameroon Baptist Mission (CBM). In 1974, as the organization’s growth expanded to include more Cameroonian Church Leaders, CBM turned into Cameroon Baptist Convention.

CBC now exists to do God’s work by preaching the gospel, church planting, and discipleship, providing quality education and health care to those in need. In addition to hospitals and health centres, as of December 2019, CBC has also built 12 secondary schools, 19 primary schools, and 6 nursery schools, employing over 700 workers. They have also held over 1500 youth and women fellowships which include vocational training and providing start-up loans.

Our Partnership

Emmanuel Foundation has partnered with White Cross and CBC multiple times to send medical shipments to Cameroon, West Africa. Cargos are handled and distributed by Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) Central Supply/Pharmacy. The contents of the containers are first unloaded at Central Pharmacy where they are stored and sorted according to the needs requested by CBC health institutions (hospitals, health centres, and primary health facilities).

All cargos destined for medical facilities are immediately distributed by the Central Pharmacy truck. Cargos with no immediate destination are stored in the warehouse and are distributed upon the request of the medical facilities that serve 6 of the 10 regions in Cameroon. Emmanuel Foundation, on many occasions, has sent 40-foot containers of medical equipment including medical beds, walkers, and stretchers.