Save A Village - Nirute and Niyangina, Kenya

2009 to 2013

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Meet Save A Village

Leslie Greenaway was on a trip to Kenya when she came across a village that had no school, no medical facility, and no toiles. She knew they needed help. In Kenya, it is estimated that over eight million people lack proper toilets leading to poor hygiene and sanitation.  In response, Leslie started a local charity called Save A Village– a charity meant to help this specific village and villages like it. We have partnered with Save A Village to send aid to two villages in Kenya: Nirute and Niyangina.

From 2009 to 2013, Save A Village was involved in various projects in Nirute and Niyangina. These projects included setting up two playgrounds, building a school, building a medical clinic, and building 15 latrines. The team also made sure to educate the local people on the importance of hygiene and proper use of latrines.

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Kenya relies heavily on rainfall for its economic and social development which leads them vulnerable to drought. It has left millions of people on the brink of starvation. To help lessen the burden, the school was designed to have a system that collects water from the roof which would then be used for various things. In January of 2013, the construction of the school was completed in Niyangina and it opened its doors to over 120 students. Since its completion, more students have begun attending school. The school saved the children the burden of having to walk 6 km to the next nearest school. The close location has dramatically increased attendance and made life much easier for the kids as it gives them more opportunities to learn, socializes, play, and just be kids!