Home of Hope - Jabana and Cyuru, Rwanda

In the Spring of 2009, The Emmanuel Foundation, in partnership with Home of Hope, supplied and installed two playgrounds in Rwanda in the villages of Jabana and Cyuru. During the project, it was noted that there was a great need for clean water in these villages and surrounding areas. Over 80% of diseases in Rwanda are water born and the high child mortality rate (19%) could largely be prevented with clean drinking water. In response to this, In April of 2009, Emmanuel Foundation, in consultation with the Home of Hope staff and Word of Life leadership, chose three local men to be trained in how to construct and install Biosand Filters. They received their certification from CAWST out of Calgary Alberta, and are now producing and distributing Biosand Filters.

Since the project started the results have been amazing. Over 200 homes have been equipped with a Biosands filter which has gone to provide thousands of people with safe and clean drinking water. Read the story below that was told to Lyle Johnson on a recent trip to see the project status:

“One widow told me of her 6 children she always had to take down the the valley to the clinic because of their sicknesses – it seemed like she was always there with at least one of them. We installed a Bio-filter installed almost two years ago she has hardly had her health card punched since. The health and stomach sickness has totally changed. Another told me there had been no diarrhea in their house since the filter was installed. The neighbors are now coming and asking if they can use the filter for their water.”