Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation - Oldeani, Tanzania

In March 2012, playgrounds were installed at two schools in Tanzania with the Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation. It is wonderful working with a combined group of volunteers from Canada and volunteers and hired workers from the communities of Oldeani and Meali. Despite the language barrier and the occasional downpour setting us back a bit, a lot of hard work, laughter, and new friends saw the playground through to completion.

Every morning we began work listening to the beautiful sound of children singing in the school close by. On the school breaks, the children would watch us from the bushes at first but as the days went by their excitement was hard to contain and crowds of them would gather to watch us work. When the playground was complete, it was presented to them at the Grand Opening Celebration. The sharing of play, fun and laughter with these beautiful children and their community will never be forgotten by all of us so blessed to be part of it!

While this crew was hard at work on the playground, the Tidlund Foundation had a medical team providing much needed services including medicine, eye exams and glasses and education about dental care.