Calvary Community Church - Hyberabad, India

In October 2013, a group from Calvary Community Church in Edmonton spent 2 weeks in villages around Hyderabad, India. During the first week they, in conjunction with Lata Lincoln from Hyderabad and who is responsible for founding schools, orphanages and widows’ homes in the area, hosted a camp for almost 1,000 children from the surrounding areas. The camp provided sleeping space, three meals a day, crafts, singing and playing. A lot of fun was had by the children and the group from Calvary Community Church.

During the second week a playground was built for the children at the Promised Land/Olives Academy – an orphanage and school a couple of hours out of the city of Hyderabad. We worked together with many local fellows who helped with the concrete and brought in and placed sand for the surfacing and bricks for the border.

The Emmanuel Foundation supplied all of the playground equipment, many of the shovels and tools necessary for the build along with bicycles, clothing, blankets, toys, chairs, desks and beds. These supplies were distributed to the orphanages. Several suits were included in the shipment and given to pastors in the area.