Education for Life - Soy, Kenya

The Tumaini Children's Village

In 2013, the Calvary Community Church, Education for Life, and Emmanuel Foundation decided to sponsor the growing Tumaini Orphanage. The orphanage had been functioning since 2009 and is located near the town of Soy, Kenya. The “Tumaini Children’s Village” is home to almost 400 Kenyan orphans. Twelve children live in each cottage within the village, along with their houseparents. These houseparents are an integral part of the system of care at Tumaini. They raise the children under their care as if they were their own children. Fathers are encouraged to work in the community to assist in their own family support, while the Mothers oversee the household operation and care for the children and cottage as they would their own homes.


Education for Life identified the need for supplies and further development in the orphanage, specifically a playground, and worked with the Calvary Community Church to supply the funding needed. Education for Life is an organization dedicated to support and nurture students and teachers in their academic journeys. Their Christian-centered curriculum recognizes the importance of physical and emotional health, aiming to develop social maturity, individual abilities, interests, and moral sensitivity. 


A playground provides the chance for social engagement through developmental play, crucial in the nurturing and maturing of young children. As seen in the video, the playground was overwhelming and spectacular. Specifically, a young girl going through the challenges of physiotherapy for physical disability found immense joy through the playground and the opportunity it provided her. The Tumaini Children’s Village became more of a community with the playground, which is still being constantly enjoyed and occupied.