Point of Grace Academy- Kisumu, Kenya

July 2013 and July 2016


Meet Point of Grace Academy

The Point of Grace Academy is an arm of 4Kenya’sKids, which is an organization created in 2007 to help communities in Kisumu, Kenya, thrive. The Academy’s aim is to make a school of differences and opportunities, where they can help nurture children’s mental, physical, and spiritual well being. Point of Grace focuses on providing quality education and opportunities as well as social equality. 

The Point of Grace Academy has specifically been supported by Bethel Luthern Church in Sherwood Park, AB, and the Emmanuel Foundation. They have partnered on multiple occasions; once doing a playground in 2011, and sending containers of supplies in July 2013 as well as July 2016. We are beyond grateful for Rev. Dennis and Lorna Meeker for leading and distributing the contents to the children, single mothers, and grandmothers of Kisumu, Kenya.

2013 Project

Rev. Dennis and Lorna Meeker arrived in Kisumu, Kenya in July 2013. The cargo was immediately distributed among orphans, children in the school, teachers, grandmothers who were raising children, the elderly, and other families in the community. The container held 16 computers, 15 sewing machines (including a large quantity of cloth), and 10 pallets of dried vegetable soup mix. Over 500 people were touched by the shipment.


A computer room was set up in the school for the children, allowing them to learn basic computer work skills. These skills are very valuable in a developing country. The sewing machines were distributed to the grandmothers who took in children under their care. The grandmothers are able to use these machines as a way to make income in order to support their grandchildren, capable of faster and more accurate sewing than traditional methods. The pallets of dried vegetable soup mix were given to the teachers and other families to feed the orphans and the students.

July 2016 Project

In July 2016, another cargo was delivered to Kisumu, Kenya under the leadership of Rev. Dennis and Lorna Meeker. The cargo contained desks, chairs, soup mix, tables, benches, quilts, and sports equipment. Most of the cargo was being used on-site for school and for the orphans and the children at Point of Grace Academy. Some of the cargo’s contents were distributed to the grandmothers and single mothers raising children. 

Some homemade quilts were handed out to families in need. Sports equipment was distributed to the school, and for the children to play with. The children were extremely grateful and excited to play with these items (especially the beloved soccer balls, as these are rare in the area, providing endless hours of fun).