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Mission of Mercy- Kolkata, India 2013

Stories of Mercy in Kolkata


Kolkata, the capital of India’s West Bengal state, is home to grand colonial architecture, art galleries, and cultural festivals. The city is praised for welcoming various religions and races. Some people have even marked it as the “cultural capital of  India.” While rich with culture, there are still many people in need. In 2013, Emmanuel Foundation along with two other organizations- Mission of Mercy, Mutter Teresa Kinderhilfswerk and Universal Aide Society- experienced (first hand) the tremendous hospitality by the people of Kolkata. 

Emmanuel Foundation organized and packed a 40-foot container filled with donations collected over the past six months to ship to some regions in Kolkata. 

The container was filled with items aimed to entertain, enhance and elevate schools and villages in the regions. The container included items like bikes, school supplies, quilts, toys, footwear, furniture, and computers. 

With the financial support provided by Mutter Teresa Kinderhilswerk and Universal Aide Society, Mission of Mercy was able to successfully deliver the 40-foot container to the people of Kolkata, India.  Emmanuel Foundation is extremely grateful 

To have worked alongside these amazing organizations! 

Some of the personal success stories from those in Kolkata, impacted by the container. 


“My name is GM and I was born and brought up in a non-Christian family in a small village in the State of West Bengal.

I lost my mother when I was young and following that there was a lot of turmoil in my house. I never knew what the word ‘peace’ meant, though in my heart I longed for it. One of my neighbors saw the pathetic condition my family was in and began to share  Jesus with me. Soon I started going to church and for the first time, I started to understand what it meant to not feel alone and to feel loved. My wife and children could see the change in me and started to come to church to check it out for themselves. Before long, they met Jesus and together with my whole family had the joy of accepting Jesus as our Lord and Saviour.

My family is very poor. I am the only wage earner and so we barely have enough money to feed ourselves each day. We have never had new clothes.  In the winter, we find it difficult to stay warm, even when we put on many layers. We would pray fervently that Jesus would provide for us as we know that He is a God who sees and cares.

Last month the Lord heard us! The pastor of our church told us that some donors had gifted us with warm clothes and other items. I received a warm jacket, my wife got some blankets and my children got sweaters, shoes, and toys! We could not believe that God would be so kind to us; we asked for just the minimum and He gave us MORE than we could have dreamt of!

We pray for the donors who blessed us like this. May the Lord bless you all and may you know how much your gift has meant to us. Some of my neighbors who do not know Jesus are amazed that people who live so far away and know nothing about us, would show us so much kindness. I tell them that this is because they love Jesus and that He is a God who cares about the poor. Thank you so much!!”



“My name is SM and I live in a village in the state of Jharkhand. I belong to a tribal family and we are very poor. I never have enough food to eat so I became very sick in my early teens. We did not have money to go to a doctor so I had no hope of ever being well, living in constant sickness. Tribals believe in witch doctors, but they could not help me either.

One day, a friend told me about this God called Jesus who heals people. I asked him if his Jesus could help me, so he began to come to my home every week, with some of his church friends, and they prayed for me and told me stories from the Bible. I started to feel better each week both in my body and my heart and soon I was completely healed. I accepted Jesus as my Lord at that time.

There is very little work in my village so earning enough money for even basic things is not possible. Last month, our church announced that some friends who lived far away in a different land have sent us gifts in Jesus’ Name. I could not believe it when I received household items, a nice jacket, and footwear. This was a miracle for me!

I thank God for my donors and for their kindness to me. I pray for them, that God would bless them in return with miracles in their lives as well!”



“My name is TP and I am 12 years old. I go to the Calcutta Mercy Center Hindi Medium School. My parents work in the garbage dumps of Calcutta, collecting garbage to be recycled. We are very poor. I love to come to school and to learn how to read and write. I hope to get a good job when I grow up so that I can have enough money so that my mother will not have to work so hard to feed us each day. Most of all I love to draw! My friends tell me I am a good painter, but I never had any paints or crayons to draw with.

Last month, an aunty came to school and told us that some friends of ours, whom we did not even know, and who live in a place called Canada, had sent us gifts! I was so excited to hear this. I wondered what the gifts would be, and if I would be fortunate enough to receive one as, it is a large school. To my amazement, aunty asked all of us to tell her who the 5 best artists were, and my friends picked me as one of them. Then she gave me a beautiful set of paints and markers! I have never seen anything like this in my life; it had so many beautiful colors and even a board to mix them on! I was so happy, it was one of the best moments of my life! I thank Jesus for blessing me and I thank the donor with my whole heart for making my wish come true! Aunty asked if I would draw a picture and give it to her, so she could send it to the donor. I will do that willingly and proudly!!”