Planning a Container Project

What is an Emmanuel Foundation container shipping project?

An Emmanuel Foundation Container Shipping Project is the process of shipping a container of goods anywhere in the world where people would not otherwise have access to the goods and items.

Who is involved in the process?

There are 3 parties that are involved in all shipping projects. The first is Emmanuel Foundations itself. Emmaneul Foundation helps with various aspects of a project including shipping logistics, securing, storing and transporting goods and items, and general shipping expertise. The second is a sponsor group. These groups can be volunteer groups, professional groups, corporate teams, faith-based groups, school groups, youth groups and even groups of friends. The last group is the host. The host is the individual or organization receiving the shipped container and goods. When these 3 groups come together in harmony to work for a common purpose of sending items to help people in need, great things can happen!

If you are interested in being a sponsor group or a host group, please view the documents below to get an idea of what the process is. One reason Emmanuel Foundation exists is to help and assist sponsor groups navigate how to best send items and goods to the people and organizations who need them. Please reach out to us via the ‘Contact Us’ page to learn more and tell us about your ideas for a project.

What are the first steps to begin a project?

Click on the links below to review documents to be aware of regarding planning a project. Feel free to reach out to Emmanuel Foundation staff through the ‘Contact Us’ page with any questions you may have and to move forward with planning a project.

Review the Container Project Responsibilities document.Container Project Responsibilities
Complete and return the Container Project application. Application for Container Project
Complete and return the Request for Humanitarian Aid document (Involves Host Group) Request for Humanitarian Aid