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Supporting Community Transformation
Emmanuel Foundation collects and distributes goods that aid in the sustainable transformation of a community. This includes such resources as medical equipment for hospitals, dental, and health clinics. We ship educational supplies to strengthen schools, as well as clothing for the poor, orphanages, and relief areas. Over 20 containers of support for development are shipped each year!

2010 brought about a very significant development in the scope and growth of Emmanuel Foundation’s mission. Alberta Distribution and Relief Agency-Aid Society International (ADRA-ASI) approached Emmanuel Foundation to see if they would be willing to take over their work. This worthwhile society had a thirty-year history of collecting and distributing charitable supplies around the world. Emmanuel Foundation happily accepted and ADRA-ASI turned over all their assets and operations to Emmanuel Foundation to carry on this provincial and international service.

This generous gift has given increased momentum to Emmanuel Foundation’s goal of international community development. It amazes us each month as donations of goods come in and shipments come together to support and supply very worthwhile endeavors around the world.




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  • Load a container
  • Pick up goods
  • Donate or pack clothing
  • Assist in the warehouse

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