Feature Playground Story

Mary Tidlund Foundation - Gulu, Uganda

Meet Our Partners: Mary Tidlund Foundataion

In March 2013, Emmanuel Foundation partnered with Mary Tidlund Foundation and The Ssubi Foundation to ship a 40 foot container to Gulu, located in northern Uganda. Mary A. Tidlund Charitable Foundation is a non-profit organization- founded in 1998- focused on designing and funding sustainable development projects world wide. The goal of these projects is to “promote leadership, self-confidence and self esteem through the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of health and education.”

The Ssubi Foundation

The Ssubi Foundation was founded on the idea of giving hope to the children of Uganda. The organization focuses on improving the education environment by building playgrounds, libraries and classrooms. In addition, part of their hope-spreading mission is to also provide a more hands-on help for teachers in organizing community gardens, and football tournaments. On top of supporting five primary schools, Ssubi Foundation also supports The Rwot Rubanga Lukica Women’s Group who have created a community bank which can give financial aid to those starting businesses or to those in need of school payments.

The Distribution Process

The 40 foot container was filled with three separate playgrounds to be set up at three different primary schools. These schools have a total population of 3200 students and 46 teachers. The playgrounds have attracted so many students to come to school early in order to have more time to play. The playgrounds have also acted as a community hub, giving individuals of all ages a place to come, relax and interact with each other. Overall the project was a great success and has led to thousands of children to have the ability to play on fun and safe equipment.