Planning A Playground Project

What is an Emmanuel Foundation build?

An Emmanuel Foundation build is the installation of a recycled playground anywhere in the world where children would not otherwise have access to playground equipment for a wide variety of socioeconomic reasons.

Who completes the builds?

The builds are completed by groups of people who are motivated to make a difference for the children living in the build location. These groups can be volunteer groups, professional groups, corporate teams, faith-based groups, school groups, youth groups and even groups of friends.

Often these groups have already planned a trip to serve these communities in other ways and add a playground build as a component of their trip. However, there have also been trips where the playground build was planned first and the organizers found other ways of helping the people they were serving.

All builds are pre-planned and completed with the consultation and supervision of a CPSI certified playground installer.

What are the first steps to plan a project?

Click on the links below to review responsibilities and application information to be aware of regarding planning a project. Feel free to reach out to Emmanuel Foundation staff through the ‘Contact Us’ page with any questions you may have and to move forward with planning a project.

Review the Project Responsibilities document. EF Playground Project Responsibilities

Complete and return the Emmanuel Foundation Playground Project application application-for-playground-container-project